Working Capital Loans For Doctors

Working Capital Loans Doctors Can Use

When you’re opening up your medical practice, you have in mind a future of financial freedom – combined with the satisfaction of being your own boss. However, in the early months and years of your practice’s operation, you may find times when you want to expand your business but don’t have the cash on hand to do so. Even later down the road, when you’ve built your single location into a success but then want to open a couple of other satellite locations, you may find that your liquidity is not sufficient to bring about the expansion you want at the quality that you know your patients deserve. That is where working capital loans for doctors come in, giving you the chance to expand now and keep growing your business.

Working Capital Advance for Medical Practitioners, Doctors, and Health Merchants

One type of working capital loans for doctors is a working capital advance, or WCA. You get a lump sum of cash upon approval, and you pay it back from your future revenues, whether from credit and debit card statements or from ACH deposits through checks or other third party payers. The approval process is quick, because all the lender looks for is your payment history through those methods.

The downside of the WCA is the expense involved. You don’t have a monthly payment to make – instead, a set percentage of each day’s receipts goes to the lender, meaning that if you have a big day you pay more, but if you have a slow day you don’t pay as much – but the APR of this type of advance can run over 50 or 60%, or even higher. So you avoid a credit check, and you don’t have to personally guarantee the loan, but it costs a lot. It can be worthwhile, but those high costs are worth knowing.

Small business loans for doctors

Banks and other lenders also provide traditional small business loans for doctors, with regular monthly payments and set interest rates. Approvals can take up to a week in some cases, and while you do have that new monthly obligation to budget for, in the clear majority of cases your cost of the loan will be significantly less.

When you’re looking at traditional business loans for doctors, of course, you’re looking at a slightly more rigorous approval process. Instead of just looking at your credit and debit card receipts, lenders will want to look at your medical practice’s bank statements, and your revenue reports to see that you have the money to add payments on this new loan to your existing budget.

What can you use the funds from these loans for?

  • Adding new equipment and inventory

  • Expanding your advertising and marketing presence

  • Acquiring real estate for multiple locations

  • Taking care of outstanding obligations

  • Business growth and expansion

  • Additional working capital needs

Getting Qualified for a Business Loan or Merchant Advance

Now, if you just opened your practice, you’re going to have a hard time qualifying for a business loan. Why? Even if you’re the best pediatrician in the city, you haven’t shown that you can manage a practice yet. Your manner with patients is definitely important – as are your skills in the area of diagnosis and treatment. However, running a business requires a different skill set.

Even if you think that running your family’s budget effectively is the same, running a business profitably is different; therefore, most lenders will want to see that you have operated your practice for at least a year before they issue a working capital loan to you. They don’t expect profitability for the whole time, but they do want to see that your revenues are building and that you’re working out the kinks of owning and operating your own business. Once you hit the one-year mark, that’s a good sign that your practice is here to stay. Even with some rough months in that year, if you show that you have a plan for expansion and that this plan has started to work, it is much easier to gain approval.

If you have other questions about taking out a business loan for your medical practice, contact us today. We look forward to helping you serve your community as a medical professional, and our network of lenders stands ready to help your practice go to the next level.