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What can a Business Loan be used for:

Answer: Alternative Financing is simply an option for business when a traditional funding isn’t available. Merchant loans and merchant cash advances for business growth when used properly can take a business to the next level.

Answer: These merchant cash advances are not loans—rather, they are a sale of a portion of future credit and/or debit card sales. Therefore, merchant cash advance are not bound by provincial or state laws.

Answer: Almost Any purpose. Examples of ways that business owners have successfully invested their merchant cash advance money include:

➤ Acquisitions
➤ Advertising
➤ Bridging Capital
➤ Buying Out a Partner
➤ Consolidate
➤ Emergency Situations
➤ Equipment Repair
➤ Hiring Employees
➤ Managing Expenses
➤ Opening a New Location
➤ Purchase Equipment
➤ Purchase Inventory
➤ Renovations
➤ Store Expansion
➤ Store Renovations
➤ Tax Arrears or Payment
➤ Unexpected Expenses
➤ Working Capital

Answer: Within 24 – 48 upon receipt of required documentation and signature.

Answer: Credit plays a small role. Decisions are based primarily on business cash flow and no collateral is needed.

Answer: The repayment is automated by either a fixed daily ACH or an agreed upon percentage of your daily or weekly credit card transactions; also referred to as a Holdback or Retrieval Rate.

Answer: Yes. Your current advance will be paid out from the proceeds to consolidate into a single payment. We do have 2nd MCA loan advances available for US based business only.

Answer: Merchant cash advances come with what is called a “factor rate.” Generally, this will be between 1.2 and 1.4. The lower the risk profile, the closer to 1.2 a factor rate will be. The higher the risk, the more likely it is to spiral up toward 1.4.

Answer: Well, you multiply your advance amount by that number to see what you’ll be paying back over time. So if you take out a $75,000 merchant cash advance and you have a risk profile
that is on the low end, you could get that 1.2 factor rate. So $75,000 X 1.2 = $90,000. That means that you’ll get $75,000 within a few business days, and over the repayment term, you’ll be paying back a total of $90,000.

Answer: The maximum advance is dependent on business cash flow, and location (Canada vs. USA). The minimum advance is $5000, and max advance is up to $2M, and up to $3M on exception. Advance max is dependent on funding partner.


➤ Automotive
➤ Beauty Shops
➤ Bookstores
➤ Car Washes
➤ Clothing Stores
➤ Construction
➤ Day Spas
➤ Dental Practices
➤ Entertainment
➤ Fast Food
➤ Florist Shops
➤ Franchises
➤ Gift Shops
➤ Liquor Stores
➤ Manufacturing Companies
➤ Medical Practices
➤ Veterinary Practices
➤ Hair & Nail Salons
➤ Pet Stores
➤ Restaurants
➤ Retails Businesses / Outlets
➤ Seasonal Businesses
➤ Self-Storage
➤ Sporting Goods
➤ Long Distance Trucking Businesses
➤ Hotels & Motels
➤ Dry Cleaning & Laundry Services
➤ Optical Centers, Glasses & Contacts
➤ Day Cares & Nurseries
➤ And much more…


➤ Loans are unsecured! No collateral required.
➤ The application process is easy
➤ The cash is available quickly
➤ Collection payments are based on your revenue
➤ Pay as you succeed)
➤ High Approval Rates

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